SKF FYTWR 25 YTHR Bearing Specifications


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SKF FYTWR 20 YTHR Y-Bearing Oval Flanged Unit:

Search Hello, Sign in. SKF FYTWR 20 YTHR Y-Bearing Oval Flanged Unit. Overall width A: 25.8mm. Flange width A1: 11.1mm. Standout of end cover A5: 25.3mm. Overall bearing width B: 31mm. Overall bearing width B1: 31mm. Distance from locking device side face to thread centre B4: 4.5mm. Top external diameter Db1: 55.7mm.

SKF Food Line Y Bearing Units - Scribd

SKF Food Line. Y-bearing units A maintenance-free solution for wet, abrasive and contaminating environments The SKF brand now stands for more than ever before, and means more to you as a valued customer. While SKF maintains its leadership as a high-quality bearing manufacturer throughout the world, new dimensions in technical advances, product support and services have evol ved SKF into a.


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SKF-ERP-2014 -

Y-Bearings SY 25 FM 63,10 25 130 42 Y-Bearings SY 25 TF 59,69 25 130 38 Y-Bearings SY 25 WF 73,33 25 130 45 Y-Bearings SY 30 FM 75,13 30 152 47 Y-Bearings SY 30 TF 71,91 30 152 42 Y-Bearings SY 30 WF 88,78 30 152 50 Y-Bearings SY 35 FM 88,21 35 160 52 Y-Bearings SY 35 TF 83,91 35 160 48 Y-Bearings SY 35 WF 103,37 35 160 55

Ball bearing square flanged units

25M-TPSS YAR 205-2LPW/SS FY 2.1/4 TF YAR 212-204-2F F4BSS 20M-YTPSS F4... Ball bearing flanged units with a cast iron, composite, composite for the SKF Food Line or.

SKF Price List 2014 | Acorn Bearings

SKF Bearing Manufacturer Price List 2014. Acorn Bearings, supplier of Bearings, Power. FY50WF 267.58 FY50WF/W64 679.30 FY510M 85.25 FY510N1 117.03 FY511M 113.89.

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Ball bearing flanged units with a cast iron, composite, composite for the SKF Food Line or... Apps Engineering tools Bookstore E-learning Rich media Conferences Forum and Blog.