SKF YSPAG 207-106 Bearing Specifications


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470 2.8 Y-bearings with a tapered bore on an adapter sleeve, inch 2.7 shafts d 3/4 - 2 1/4 in. 2.8 19,05 - 57,15 mm Designations Bearing Adapter Dimensions Basic load Fatigue Limiting Mass sleeve ratings load speed Bearing dynamic static limit incl. d1 D B B1 C d2 d3 s11) C C0 Pu sleeve ~ ~

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470 2.8 Y-bearings with a tapered bore on an adapter sleeve, inch shafts d 3/4 - 2 1/4 in. 2.7 19,05 - 57,15 mm 2.8 Dimensions Basic load Fatigue Limiting Mass Designations ratings load speed Bearing Bearing Adapter dynamic static limit incl. sleeve d1 R D R B B1 R C R d2 R d3 R R s 11) R R C R C0 R Pu R R sleeve R

Ball bearing square flanged units

207-105-2F FY 1.3/8 LDW FY 507 M/VZ033 YSPAG 207-106 F4B 100-WF YEL 205-100-... Ball bearing flanged units with a cast iron, composite, composite for the SKF Food Line or.

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Ball bearing square flanged units - FY 1.3/8 LDW

3D model Find a distributor YSPAG 207-106 Ball bearing unit data Print this page. do Find a distributor SKF locations Organization What Engineers say Research and.

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